to have a clear vision of the future, you need to leverage experience + learnings of the past

At allscope, we LISTEN to even the smallest of details. We “walk in your shoes”. We use every detail possible to inform our recommendations and advise our clients to help build business.

Our THINKING has no limits and no boundaries. From concept and idea to time and place, we build fully integrated solutions that perform.

At allscope, we CREATE ideas that break through and deliver. We are a holistic media communications company with a long history of delivering great work and driving exceptional results.

At the end of the day, that’s what we DO.

things we love to do

communication planning

multi-media management

creative + content development

direct response

experiential marketing

sponsorship marketing

predictive analytics

digital strategy

performance marketing

public relations

brand insights + strategy

advisory + consulting

advisors. advocates. partners.
  • Evan Greenberg
    Evan Greenberg CEO

    Founder + CEO of allscope. Evan is recognized as a leading independent voice in the advertising and communications industry. His ability to guide clients through the maze of today’s media landscape to achieve stellar outcomes has distinguished him as a trusted advisor to clients across a broad range of industries.

  • Leslie Jacobus
    Leslie Jacobus COO

    Partner – An industry professional with over 25 years of experience, Leslie has led strategy, planning and activation from inception through to performance for major brands across all categories of business. Her analytical approach and collaborative style have helped foster a truly integrated discipline at allscope.


Our network is broad + deep.

  • Michael Coppola
    Michael Coppola Co-Founder / CEO // Path Interactive
  • Hillary Mandel
    Hillary Mandel SVP, Head of Media North America // IMG
  • Charles Cantu
    Charles Cantu Founder / CEO // Reset // Colossus // Unity
  • Ed Vincent
    Ed Vincent Founder // Predict
  • Shelly Palmer
    Shelly Palmer CEO // Palmer Group
  • Jamal Mashburn
    Jamal Mashburn Founder // Mashburn Enterprises
  • Larry Cohen
    Larry Cohen President // Axis Promotions
  • Steven Schiffman
    Steven Schiffman CEO // Cooper Media Television Networks
  • John Kocis
    John Kocis Principal / President // concept one
  • Ray Rainville
    Ray Rainville Creative Director / Executive Producer // Consolidated Content Company
solid experience.

Our work is varied + diverse. 

Frank. Honest. Transparent.
If you win, we win.
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